Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Survival Straps: Adventure with Confidence

"Confidence comes from being prepared." -- John Wooden
It seems that with each passing week we are confronted with a news story about hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, or day hikers lost in the backcountry.  While there is no way to tell ahead of time when disaster will strike or how bad it will be, we can still be prepared.  Of course the difficulty with most “survival equipment” is that outside of the traditional pocket knife, not much comes in a convenient “carry around all day” form. Enter Survival Straps.

Made from bullet proof military spec 550 paracord, Survival Straps are designed to be worn as a casual bracelet and then unravelled and deployed when the moment of necessity strikes.  

Why Paracord? First introduced and applied in parachute construction during WWII, paracord was was quickly recognized for its use in other tasks. Today it is used by both military and civilians for countless general purpose tasks  There are five primary benefits of paracord:

  • Strength: In just a 1/8 inch diameter cord, an incredible breaking strength.
  • Durability: It can be used over and over again while remaining flexible and durable.
  • Light Weight: Specifications require that 225 feet of cord only weigh 1 pound or less.
  • Water & Mildew Resistant: Dries quickly, and will never rot or mildew.
  • Inner Strands: The unique ability to remove the inner strands make this cord extremely versatile.
In short, the uses of this versatile multi-filament nylon cord seem nearly unlimited.

The benefit of Survival Straps is this: whether you use their bracelet, belt or key fob, the company puts the benefits of this must have survival tool - quite literally - right at your fingertips.  So whether the moment requires building a shelter, tying a tourniquet or simply fixing your boots out on the trail, tackle your adventure with confidence knowing that you are fully prepared.

The standard Survival Bracelets are made with up to 16 feet of military spec paracor - each one with approximately 1.75 feet per every inch of wrist size. A size 7.5 provides you approximately 14 feet of paracord when unraveled. Plenty to help get you out of a jam.

Room for Improvement...

Crafted from tough marine grade stainless steel, the Stainless Steel Shackle Closure feature on the Survival Straps is striking in appearance.  The downside is that it can be difficult to secure and release if you plan on taking the bracelet off frequently.  Secondly, a
t $24.95 the Survival Straps feel as though they fall on the high side of affordability.  Then again, perhaps the true question is this: What price would you pay to be prepared when the moment calls?

The Bottom Line...
As outdoor enthusiasts we are all keenly aware of the importance of being prepared.  We never know when disaster will strike, but Survival Straps help you face your moment of trial with certainty and may be the difference you need.  Gumption tested... gumption approved.

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  1. I've been eyeing these for some time and with some trips to the backcountry planned for the season, it may just be the perfect stocking stuffer. Great review!