Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Point6 Ultra Light Micro: The Velvet Glove Treatment for Runners Feet

A bad pair of socks can wreck a run. They can cover your feet unevenly or fail to protect your skin from the chafing and excess moisture that causes nasty blisters.  With so much time and technology (not to mention cash) invested in your running shoes, shouldn’t you expect more from your running socks?  

Point6 understands that runners don’t want any unnecessary fluff between their foot and footbed.  As such this company has gone to great lengths to create a line-up of performance socks specifically designed to support you in your run mile after mile.  Our team vetted the Point6 men’s Ultra Light Micro Running sock - a minimalist styled sock designed for the runner who desires the least amount of sock in their running shoe.

On Fit and Performance...
Who knew wool could be so comfortable?  In the Ultra Light Micro, Point6 has engineered a precise anatomical fit that is comfortable and itch-free without bulk.  Merino wool regulates temperatures, sends sweat packing and fights funky foot odor.  
The Ultra Light Micro Sock’s nylon and spandex allow the sock to retain its natural shape run after run while mesh knit ventilation zones provides extra comfort and breathability on long runs.

The Ultra Light Micro’s feature Point6’s hand looped toe seam.  Admittedly, our crew usually prefers the no-seam technology found in similar socks.  That being said, we once we slipped on the Ultra Light Micro socks, the hand looped toe seem was not only smooth, but, as denoted by the Point6 website, virtually, undetectable by toes.
It’s important to note that these socks are designed without cushioning which may ward off those who enjoy a little more padding.  Yet for those seeking a performance/minimalist fit you can take comfort knowing the Micro’s won’t disrupt the relationship your foot has with those fancy kicks.

Our crew member did denote some slight sliding in the midfoot region when wearing the socks with their Zero Drop Shoes.  However,  from treadmill to trail there was never a blister or discomfort issue while wearing these socks.

Bottom Line...
The Point6 Ultra Light Micro Running socks are so light weight in most instances you’ll forget you’re even wearing them.  With you mind free from the need to focus on your socks, you can run unencumbered as your feet appreciate the softness and durability of these socks as they carry you from pavement to peak in comfort. 

*As a disclaimer, we understand and recognize that every runner has their own preference.  Some runners like thicker socks for additional cushioning, others prefer thin socks for a "lighter" feel.  This review is based upon our field teams impressions from using the Point6 Ultra Light Micro socks in the field during both training and competitions.  As you read the review we ask that you keep your own preferences in mind.  

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