Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Rider Sandal R1 Series Flips: Taking Your Feet Global

Celebrating their 15th year in the US market Rider Sandals is extending its brand in 2012, expressing its authentic Brazilian heritage with “Street Summer.” Inspired 100% by the Brazilian lifestyle, “Street Summer” captures the essence of Brazil with vibrant colors and the cultural trends of Brazilian fashion; all while delivering comfort, flexibility and durability.

Rider has given the Gumption Gear Crew a sneak peak at the R1 Urb and R1 Urb Plus flips, part of the new 2012 Street Summer flip collection. As part of the "Street Summer" line-up the the
R1 Urb and R1 Urb Plus flips feature Rider mixes contemporary urban trends and distinct Brazilian beach fun with a dash of attitude and Rider specific technologies.

On Fit and Performance...

Looks can be deceiving, and out of the box the R1 Rider Series may give the appearance of a standard casual flip with swanky 3-D tread. Toss them on however and you’ll be thankful for the technological features packed away into the soul of these sandals.
When sliding on a pair of flips there’s really only two things that you want: comfort and support. On both counts our field team testers gave these causal flips solid marks.
The comfort factor stems from Rider’s exclusive “Flexpad” technology. According to Rider, millions of micro-air chambers provide a lightweight footbed with enough flexibility, comfort and durability to support you through a day full of classroom shenanigans or beachside brews.

While the inner lining of the strap is not as soft as a more traditional neoprene jersey lining, the R1 Urb and R1 Urb Plus feature Rider's "Fast Fit" technology which adjusts to a variety of foot shapes and constantly adjusts to your individual walking style. The interior of the R1 series straps are textured to allow for additional breathability which pays dividends on those long hot summer days. An innovative dual hinged adjustable upper at the toe post allows for subtle movement that provides extra comfort when you’ve got to hustle to snag that prime beach spot.

Beyond the material technologies used to construct Rider’s new line of sandals, the footbed is also anatomically contoured. This slight rolling contour of the flip makes for effortless use and prevents your body from kicking out extra energy while globe trotting from beaches in Rio de Janeiro to Australia’s Manly Beach.

Speaking of globe trotting, our field team loved the unique sole of the sandals which feature a 3-D map of Lapa, a hip region in the City of Rio de Janeiro.

And because you want to ensure your beaches stay clean and pure you can take comfort knowing all these sandals are made of 30% recycled material and are 100% recyclable in your nearest Bin #3.

Room for Improvement...
While a new pair flips from Rider’s Street Summer 2012 collection would be a nice addition to your summer footwear, there are a few areas for improvement that our testers noted.
• The footbed could use more of an aggregated surface to allow for better traction in both wet and dry conditions.
• During the break-in period, the rubber toe posts did create mild discomfort on the inside of the big toe and there was mild pinching, all of which fade as the flip and your foot go through that introductory period.
• While comfortable for casual wear or short periods of use, our team would prefer a little more arch support for extended periods of wear.

Bottom Line...
Can't afford a trip to Rio de Janeiro? The 2012 Rider R1 Urb and R1 Urb Plus flips might be the next best thing, and at only $27 and $30 respectively, it’s safe to say far more affordable.

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