Thursday, November 10, 2011

KEEN Tryon WP: Designed for Adventure, Built to Last

Blurring the lines between hiking boots and adventure shoes, KEEN’s stylish and rugged water proof Tryon lets you hike deep into the backcountry with cool, sure-footed determination. As noted in our First Look, these fast and furious adventure shoes are loaded with features that will give you a much needed assist in tearing up the trails.
The Tryon is built to last: Even after canyon-country abuse, the Tryon’s abrasion resistant and breathable textile mesh upper showed only normal wear and tear, while the sole held up better than average for a shoe this light. Every step on rock-strewn trails and slush-covered slick rocks in California’s Auburn Recreation Area felt secure thanks to the Tryon’s tacky low-profile tread. Add to that the stone-bruising protection plate and patented rubber Toe Guards and our tester’s feet were well protected against those nasty rocks and polished roots on expeditions around Lake Tahoe.

KEEN designed the Tryon with a higher cut providing ankle protection without limiting range of motion while KEEN’s S3 Heel support structure kept our field testers heel locked securely and comfortably providing greater stability and overall traction.

A removable metatomical footbed cradles the natural contours of your foot so your dogs aren’t barking at you the last few miles of your adventure. 
To make the footbed even more comfortable, KEEN adds their ZORB stroble technology providing exceptional shock absorption in the knees and ankles so your legs won't be tired when Lake Tahoe's South Shore night life comes calling.  

The Tryon also features KEEN.DRY, KEEN's proprietary waterproof, breathable membrane that lets vapor out without letting water in. Over the course of our review period, the Tryon’s proved to be exceptionally breathable and remained bone dry whether crisscrossing babbling brooks or standing in a stream to lend a hand to hiking companions.
Now let's get scientific... Research has shown that even 1 or 2 ounces of extra weight on your feet exponentially increases your oxygen use, taxing your cardiovascular system and wearing you out.  Which is why you can trek light knowing your Tryons weigh in at about 13 oz (for a size 9 shoe) - less than many competitors.  

Room for Improvement...
For a company known for providing plenty of room in the toe-box the KEEN Tryon has a more slender front end than some other shoes in the KEEN Trailhead Line-up - something that hikers with a larger-sized foot may notice on long downhill descents. If you think this may be a problem for your particular foot, simply size up 1/2.  

Secondly, while our field team revelled in the competence of these shoes on quick hit mountain and backcountry exploits, the general consensus was they could use a little more arch support for general every day use.

Bottom Line...
Hardcore ruggedness and comfort come together in the KEEN Tryon providing a quick and aggressive platform for your feet on trips where you’d rather cover lots of ground instead of carry lots of gear.  From shimmying down ravines in old quarry’s to rock hoping in Tahoe’s Zypher Cove and tackling trails in between, the KEEN Tryon has proven to be a responsive, versatile and durable shoe for outdoor enthusiasts living by the fast and light motto.

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