Friday, November 4, 2011

Columbia's Peak Ascent™ Beanie: Warmth Redesigned

Thanks to the crafty crew at Columbia, the traditional beanie just hit the next step of the evolutionary ladder.

Columbia has taken the classic design of your favorite cozy winter lid and lined it with their Omni-Heat® thermal reflective lining.  Similar to an emergency blanket, Omni-Heat's tiny silver dots bounce body heat back at you while at the same time allowing excess heat to escape through the permeable/breathable regions between the dots thereby keeping your noggin' from overheating.    

By capturing your head’s own heat and circulating it evenly throughout, Columbia says Omni-Heat keeps you 20-percent warmer.  Perhaps even better, the Omni-Heat lining doesn't increase the thickness of the seams so the Peak Ascent Beanie still fits snug and avoids leaving you with that not-so-cool cone head look.

So when you run out the door to hit the slopes grab Columbia’s Peak Ascent Beanie because your mom always told you keep your dome warm.

The Bottom Line...
Classic design with new world technology keeps you warm without being itchy or uncomfortable.

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  1. What a great invention~ I have not seen this! Thanks for posting. The old saying is true "If your ears (or feet) are cold, you are cold all over!"