Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Crocs™ Santa Cruz: These Aren't Your Daddy's Loafers

With summer now fully upon us, the Gumption Gear crew has gone out in search of the perfect every day flip.  We've been looking for the best pair of sandals to wear on the beach, around town, or even on that trail to your favorite hidden cove.

In our serach we came across the Crocs™ Santa Cruz loafers, and friends, these aren’t your Daddy’s loafers.  In the Santa Cruz loafer Crocs has designed a shoe where Cali cool meets a whole new world of extreme comfort
with a dash of style and attitude.

The Santa Cruz are categorized as Crocs casual shoes and are made with the shoemaker's advanced Croslite™ material. If you've never experienced Croslite™ then you’re feet are in for a treat.  Comfortable and lightweight, this innovative material is self-insulating, odor-resistant, slip-resistant, easy to clean and recyclable.  In short, it's technology that feels good.

The removable insole provided us with incredible erganomic support ensuring that the shoes kept giving our feet love all day from the store to the trail and back again.  The extra cool feature that we love is the circulation nubs designed to help stimulate healthy blood flow.  The added benefit is that those nubs also do a great job of massaging your tired dogs making these a great pair of shoes to toss on when you get home and take off those fancy dress shoes "the man" makes you wear to work.

The Slip-resistant and non-marking outsole provides excellent traction for solid footing and was perfect for our outtings around the wet pool deck.  The canvas uppers come in a variety of colors (ours is the cool mossy color featured above) giving you the choice to blend in or stand out.

We did find that the canvas fray design lends itself to extra fraying over the long haul.  But you can always snip them off with a pair of scissors and more than anything else, the fraying adds to the casual style and is far from a nuisance. 

 For casual beach style combined with extreme comfort, the Crocs™ Santa Cruz make a stellar addition to your collection, and unlike a quality pair of flips the Santa Cruz are perfect for year round stylin'.

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