Monday, June 13, 2011

Vasque Scree Review: The perfect shoe for your outdoor adventures

Gearing up for your summer adventures on the trail?  Looking for the perfect shoe to gracefully support and carry you on your journey? 

Thankfully for the consumer, the marketplace is overflowing with a variety of brands and styles from which to choose.  The flipside of the coin of course is that there's LOTS to choose from...

But fear not, the GumptionGear team is here to help.

You already know the importance of choosing the right shoe.  More than a factor of comfort and fit (who wants their feet riddled with blisters after a day on the trail?) choosing the wrong shoe has the potential of leaving you in a tight spot when traversing more difficult or challenging terrain.  
Enter the Vasque Scree Low which combines the comfort of a lightweight, nimble platform with waterproof hiking sturdiness for excellent trail performance designed to handle any terrain.

The Vasque Scree Low is a hiking shoe that is notable because Vasque is using Stealth Rubber on the sole. It’s the same rubber used by 5.10 on their climbing shoes, so of course these soles will be able to take hikers to places that normal shoes can’t. They are available with UltraDry technology that makes the boots totally waterproof.  The breathable, waterproof membrane blocks rain from getting in but allows sweat out, keeping you comfortable throughout your hike.

Perhaps the feature that the GumptionGear crew enjoyed most about the Scree was Vasque’s “arc tempo” technology.  The Arc Tempo last is the form around which the shoe is built.  It creates an athletic fit that promotes quickness and agility over technical ground – and when you’re hitting those treacherous sections of trail you can tell the difference.  The asymmetrical curve is ideal for people with higher arches and also places your foot in a more powerful position during toe off.  If this sounds a little technical, just know that the arc tempo is a solid technology that will benefit you on the trail.

If you’re new to the Vasque brand, the Scree will give you solid insights into the company’s commitment to making functional, innovative and aestheticly pleasing footwear that performs to the highest standards.

The above photo is the Scree Low 7090 model. They also have a mid model for ankle support.

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