Thursday, July 7, 2011

In Search of the Perfect Summer Sandal: The Sanuk Fault Line Review

As we continue on in our search of the perfect summer flip, the crew at Sanuk was kind enough to get us a few stellar sandals to include in the review series.  Before we dig into the review, some of you may be wondering who or what is a Sanuk?

Taking its name from the Thai word for fun, Sanuk footwear works overtime to make innovative products that are as much about funk as they are about function.  Perhaps the sandal that perfectly illustrates this Sanuk world fusion of funk, function and comfort is the Sanuk Fault Line.

Our team knew these flips were winners when, upon first bringing them home, family and friends tried their best to claim them as their own.  More than once our testers reported that they thought their flips had gone missing only to find their Fault Line's on the feet of a colleague or family member.  But we digress...  

On the comfort Factor…
If you watch any TV at all you know that memory foam mattresses are all the rage.  Why?  Because people love the idea that something like a mattress can adjust to our body providing a customized fit for comfort.  In the same way memory mattresses are flooding American bedrooms, the Sanuk Fault Line may soon be flooding America’s closest with their deep cushion memory foam footbed. 

Made from real yoga mat material this gushy crinkle textured surface instantly conforms to the shape of your foot providing for that Zen-like moment every time you slip them on, and we mean every time!  The comfort factor is increased by the sandal’s soft neoprene linings backed with polyester that help wick away moisture.

Whether our testers were rockin’ the Fault Line on a daily stroll, or sliding them on after a training session, the flips provided consistent comfort that refreshed both foot, body and mind.

On the style factor…
Broad synthetic sectioned nubuck leather straps provide for a snug fit, sharp looks and lasting performance.  The Fault Line’s style guarantees that at the next backyard BBQ, pool side lounge session or day at the beach, you’ll have the best dressed feet around.
Our brown Fault Line's endured everything we tossed at them and still looked like new after a three week testing period.  Not only do the materials make your feet as happy as the Sanuk logo, you can rest easy knowing that the all-synthetic construction makes the Sanuk Fault Line flip-flops vegan-friendly.

Room for Improvement? 
It's hard to improve upon a sandal that's as sound as the Fault Line, that being said, our testers had a few notes:
  • Our testers loved the gushy goodness of the yoga mat footbed.  However, if you’re a heavy heel-striker then even the massive comfort of these flips may not give your body the full shock protection from a long day banging around a concrete jungle.
  • Hardened EVA happy face outsoles delivered solid lightweight traction everywhere we took these sandals, and are perfect for beach dwellers, but in an ideal world our crew would prefer a rubber outsole for increased traction when you've got to go off trail to get to your hidden beach coves.
When it's all said and done, our crew loved the Fault Line.  The sandal provided quality comfort throughout the review period leaving our testers impressed by the quality, style and appearance of the sandal and longing for more Namaste.

Simply put, these are the type of flips that make you want to go out and buy another pair… so when you’re checking out the full Fault Line series at, just go ahead and double that tally in your cart, your feet will thank you.

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