Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Our First Look: Sole Casual Flip

As we continue to revel in the goodness of summer, so too does our review series "In Search of the Perfect Summer Sandals." The good people at SOLE were kind enough to send over some of their casual flip flops for testing as we continue to seek the perfect sandal for all your summer adventures.

No two feet are alike.  While those five words are a simple truth, not all footwear companies seem to pay it equal attention.  SOLE not only recognizes that fact, but has designed their entire lineup of footwear based upon this little tidbit of reality. 

As such SOLE Footbeds and Sandals have been created so they mold to fit your unique foot perfectly.  This is a stark contrast to most flips which take the "one size fits all approach" resulting in flat footbeds offering little support or cushioning.  This forces the wearer to scrunch their toes as they walk which, in turn, puts stress on the body from the feet, through the legs and up to the lower back.   That's not good news for your feet, not good news for your back.  

Out of the box these SOLE flips are not only beautiful in terms of aesthetic design, but from the first wear it's easy to tell they are equally as stellar in terms of design fit.  Over time SOLE notes that the arch height adjusts to your required level, but does not flatten out. The forefoot takes the shape of the balls of your feet and toes, and the aligning heel cup supports your unique heel shape. This creates a continuous contact point across the soles of your feet, leaving no area unsupported.  While it's still too early for these flips to have fully molded to our feet, these flips already feel more supportive than a typical flip-flop.

The SOLE Casual Flips include the following features:

-Gender-specific strap made of 50% hemp and 50% recycled polyester;
-Double-stitched construction;
-Wear moldable footbed;
-Metatarsal support pad;
Anatomically shaped midsole and footbed contains 35% cork by volume;
-Adjustable arch support;
-Deep - but not too narrow heel cup;
-Hidden toe ridge.
-Midsole support structure.
-Grippy rubber blend outsole

Over the next several weeks we'll be fully vetting the SOLE casual flips and will then post a full review detailing the Gumption Crew's thoughts on long term comfort, durability, support and more!

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  1. Matt from SOLE here, thanks for the review. I look forward to seeing what you think after you've had a little more time to break them in.