Thursday, August 4, 2011

In Search of the Perfect Summer Sandal: Chacos Hobo Flip EcoTread

Let’s be honest, during theses summer days you don’t just want to be comfortable, you want to look good.

Towards those ends we were privileged to check out the Hobo Flip EcoTreads from Chaco® for our review series “In Search of the Perfect Summer Sandal.” These flips not only feature anatomic support to ensure extra comfort and less fatigue they offer the flash of style you demand for your summer ensemble.  Whether you're cruisin' the beach or simply relaxin' at your neighbor's backyard BBQ the Hobo Flip EcoTread will make your feet feel right at home.

On Performance & Style
The sleek and dynamic lines of our Hobo Flip EcoTreads not only support your feet and back, but reminded our crew of the smooth and strong body lines of the great American muscle cars. The biomechanical footbed and cupped heal cradle of the Hobo EcoTread keep your feet feeling fine from dawn until dusk. A buttery soft microsuede footbed wrap not only provides a water resistant function but ensures that your feet feel like they are stepping into their summer vacation home every time you slide them on.

A Non-marking EcoTread™ outsole is simple but effective in design providing enough sticky traction and cushioning for a mix of terrains from the city market to the lazy river. And speaking of the lazy river, the grooved channels on the outsole help move water away from the flips thereby ensuring secure traction on wet surfaces.

These Chaco flips are chalk full of techy goodness. From Chaco’s “Custom Adjust'em Fit” to the ChaPU™ polyurethane midsole to the goodness of the Chaco LUVSEAT™, every aspect of these flips make you feel as though Chaco custom designed them just for you. And with an outsole that contains 25% recycled content, you'll get the warm fuzzies knowing that the Chaco design team loves planet earth as much as your feet.

At this point it’s worth doting a bit on our favorite feature, the LUVSEAT™. In broad brush terms the LUVSEAT™ is the curvature of a Chaco footbed. More specifically the LUVSEAT™ footbed ensures a supported, comfortable stride in any activity, and as a result, has been awarded the Seal of Acceptance by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA). If you want to learn more about the incredible benefits of the LUVSEAT™ technology then you need to watch this video. Trust us, it's a must watch.

Room for Improvement?
The biggest critique our Gumption Crew had was the extended break-in period of the Hobo Flip EcoTread. Our crew felt as though these flips had a substantially longer break-in period than some of the other sandals we’ve tested. That being said, when the Hobo’s had their moment of transformation they hit their full stride and after a few weeks they truly became more comfortable with each passing day. Weighing in at over 20 oz or size 13 flips were also the heaviest sandals we’ve tested to date. While the weight took a bit of getting used to, the benefit of the heavier EcoTread™ outsole is greater protection against the gravely world underfoot.

Closing Thoughts…
After the break-in period, the Hobo Flip EcoTreads delivered all-day comfort with a quality style and casual fit that will stand up to your active lifestyle. In fact these flips may just make you a Chaconian for life. In the instance you doubt these flips will be with you for a lifetime to come fear not my friend, for the ReChaco process ensures these flips will be with you for many moons!

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