Sunday, August 28, 2011

Vasque Taku GTX: Master Your Mountains

Light-footed, slender, and clever, Hermes is the great messenger of the gods in Greek mythology. An Olympian god, he is the patron of boundaries and of the travelers who cross them – the god of all those who must move quickly or make fast getaways.

While the crew at Vasque has not yet confirmed the rumor… we feel confident in saying that Hermes himself was charged with crafting the light weight Vasque Taku GTX.

With the wisdom of Athena, the Vasque design team (aka Hermes) crammed a slew of mountain-mastering features into this waterproof, breathable, mid-high boot without weighing it (and you) down when the going gets rough.

Waterproofed, 2mm thick nubuck leather uppers with air-mesh nylon panels at the collars keep boots light and breathable in warm temperatures aiding your quick pace on the trail.  This is especially helpful for those moments you hear the Sirens song seducing you into setting up camp before reaching your destination. 

When Zeus attempts to dampen your day with thunder and rain, take heart knowing the Taku GTX utilizes the power of breathable Gore-Tex, shedding water.  The fully breathable Gore-tex boot means you need not dread crossing Poseidon controlled creek beds.

The design of the Taku GTX not only ensures a light, agile and blister free boot, but was crafted to promote comfort and durability.  Beefed up rubber toe bumpers help protect uppers and feet from abrasion and premature wear meaning even the Greek god of time, Kronos, won't outlast these boots. 

The Taku’s molded EVA midsoles offer lightweight cushioning and flexibility that is so comfortable that you’ll never want to return to your chariot. Thermoplastic urethane plates help control flex, reduce ankle strain, enhance stability and protect feet from rough terrain.

Vasque’s Arc Tempo Last construction creates an agile, athletic fit that promotes quickness and agility over technical ground and has an asymmetrical curve that’s great for higher arches. The additional benefit of the Arc Tempo Last is that it directs more power to the toe during foot push-off ensuring an efficient transfer of energy with every stride resulting in greater ease for rocky, barely-there trails.

The Taku GTX rides on a Vibram® sole keeping your feet on the trail whether you are eating up miles on a week-long trek or picking your way through shale slides as you shimmy to the top of Mount Olympus. This confidence-inspiring traction is not only durable but is engineered with an athletic stance that’s ounces lighter than a typical hiking sole. The result: if you can handle the terrain so can this boot.

The Bottom Line...
Responsive and snappy, the waterproof Vasque Taku GTX Hiking Boots are as easy on the eyes as Aphrodite, yet tough enough to get you to the top of Mt. Olympus for your tangle with the Greek gods.

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