Friday, August 26, 2011

KEEN Has One Question: Got SOX?

As an outdoor enthusiast you have high expectations for your footwear.  You demand that your shoes provide a comfortable and secure fit while delivering the nimble support needed for all of your outdoor escapades.  Why then have we lived our journeys with lesser expectations from socks? 

If you want socks that will keep your feet comfortable, dry, blister-free in every activity then KEEN may have your answer. 

The creative minds at KEEN have now put their innovative efforts towards crafting a better sock.  But in the traditional unique styling and attitude of KEEN, these aren't just socks... no my friend, these are SOX.

With seamless cushioning, soft renewable materials, and special designs specifically for your right and left foot KEEN has produced a line of socks that that will have your feet ready to conquer that mountain or blaze your own path in comfort.  Our Gumption Crew took a look at the KEEN Boulder Canyon 1/4 Ultra Lite and Boulder Canyon Crew Mids.

In crafting the SOX, KEEN has taken advantage of two specific design elements that guarantee a soft and supportive fit that will have your feet saying “I love you.”

First, KEEN takes utilizes one of Mother Natures’ most perfect fibers – merino wool.  Unlike synthetic fibers, merino wool 'air conditions' your feet naturally, optimizing your physical temperature to atmospheric conditions.  Merino wool fibers feature a complex moisture management system, able to both repel and absorb moisture, keeping feet dry, comfortable and blister-free.  For additional comfort KEEN has also precisely engineered air-flow sections to provide extra cooling power.   

The second feature is KEEN’s seamless innovation.  KEEN knits their sox counter clockwise providing a seamless bunch-free superb fit.  And since you’re shoes and hiking boots are specifically designed for your right and left foot, KEEN implemented a specific right and left foot specific design resulting in a higher level of comfort and fit.

Because your life isn't one dimensional, KEEN has introduced a wide array of category specific SOX ranging from Lifestyle, Kids, Performance and Service.  So whatever you’re need, they’ve got you covered.

Your feet work hard on your behalf.  Go reward them with SOX. 

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