Friday, September 30, 2011

The Deuter Junior Backpack: Ready for all your little hikers adventures

Kids belong outdoors—a fun, healthy, beyond-the-ordinary place that can expand their view of the world. Whether it’s a short day hike out on the trail, or a longer backpacking trek, both are great ways to help your little squirrel appreciate all the beauty and adventurous possibilities that the natural world offers.

The earlier in life kids become acquainted with walking longer distances (as early as age 3), the more likely they will be receptive to a backpacking trip at a later age. Of course you’re going to want to ensure that your little guy or gal has a quality pack that is as comfortable as it is durable.

Introduce your young hikers to the joys of carrying their own gear in comfort and style with the Deuter Junior pack. This sharp looking durable pack will help your little squirrel tackle their own daylong outdoor adventures. This top-loading pack is ideal for carrying day-hiking essentials, clothes or that all important stuffed bear – because we all need a hiking buddy.

Shoulder straps on the Junior pack are sized and shaped specifically for a small child's frame. More importantly they are soft and nonirritating which means longer trips with fewer complaints. Easy-to-use sternum strap complements the shoulder straps' posture and keeps the straps secure.
Creative embroidery and color prints ensure that the Deuter Junior passes the “cool” test. More importantly, reflective accents increase visibility in low light or on walks to school and there’s a name tag under lid in case your kid forgets the pack at school.

There are only two minor changes we would like to see on future iterations of this bag. First our field crew noted that a safety whistle built into the sternum strap buckle would be ideal. We all want our children to enjoy their hiking experience, but we also want to help ensure their safety. Secondly, while the Junior’s side mesh pockets are fully capable of holding water bottles, the gumption crew believes the addition of a small hydration reservoir would be ideal. Not only does it guarantee that mom and dad will save money from replacing lost water bottles, it also helps teach the importance of the Leave No Trace principles.

The Bottom Line…
Out little Gumption Testers (aged 3 and 5) loved this pack. The Deuter Junior backpack is perfect for your little tikes adventures whether in the playground, going for a swim in the lake or heading out on the trail. With creative embroidery and color prints backed by the durable legacy of Deuter, there is something to make the eyes of any girl or boy light up

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