Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Ocean Minded Storm Surf Flips

Whether your adventure plans include air, land or sea, the eco-friendly design of the Ocean Minded™ Storm Surf is a must.  

Aiming to become the global leader in sustainable lifestyle footwear, apparel and accessories, the crew at Ocean Minded™ are designing gear with a higher purpose in mind: providing comfort while protecting the earth.

Ocean Minded believes in utilizing recycled and sustainable materials in all their products whenever possible.  Towards these ends, the Storm Surf Flip is a prime example of how the Ocean Minded design team has integrated functionality with eco-friendly design.

Constructed with water-based adhesives, post-industrial recycled OM Foam, uppers of recycled fiber and water-friendly synthetic nubuck and recycled rubber content outsole the Storm Surf flips are not only water friendly, but vegan friendly as well.  Moreover, they are designed with comfort, durability and performance in mind. 

Distinctly designed to the curvature of your foot, the footbed of the Storm Surf allows your toes to splay naturally thereby improving your balance, relaxing the foot and provides a more natural resting place for your feet.  Molded anatomical 25% post-industrial recycled OM foam midsoles not put your feet at ease, but gives you the warm fuzzies knowing that you’re doing your part to keep Mother Earth pure.  

As your traverse the globe seeking out new adventures, you can trust that your feet will always feel fresh thanks to the AgION™ antimicrobial compound.  That keeps you, and those fellow travelers crammed on the euro-train with you, happy.

When it comes to the outsole, there is one major problem.  Simply put, it's the fact that most people will never see them.  Far too often the average consumer ignores the benefits of a well crafted outsole.  In their search for something that "feels good" many people ignore the shortcomings of a flat cardboard styled bottom.  In the case of the Storm Surf, the High Traction Toposwell siped recycled rubber content outsoles are truly a thing of beauty.

This unique design provides superb traction in both wet and dry environments protecting your feet from the bumps and bruises of the urban jungle or that rock laden trail delivering you to that secret surf spot.

A gentle curve aides the foot's natural rolling motion thereby directing more power to the toe during push-off.  Better form means better support, meaning you can wear these flips longer without your feet, knees and back loathing you in the morning.

While the Storm Surf excels at merging eco-friendly technology with durable performance, there was one outstanding critique. Our field team felt as though the these flips fell short in providing uniform cushioning across the footbed.

Despite decent cushion in the heel strike region, the mid-foot section of the sandal lacked similar cushioning.  While the outsole excelled at guarding against the bumps and bruises of your winding roads, the lack of cushioning in the midfoot region meant that the Storm Surf didn't provide the same level of overall shock absorption as other flips we've tested.  That being said, it's worth noting that our field tester for these flips was a 6'4" beast with a heavy heel strike.  
The Bottom Line…
The Storm Surf from 
Ocean Minded™ not only provides the durability and performance you've been looking for in a flip flop, you can rest at ease knowing that your buying quality product from a company helping to save the world that you live and play on.  If the earth friendly goodness of these flips don't entice you, know that at $24.99 you’re getting 2011 technological & ecological innovation at a 1990 price ensuring that your feet and your wallet are satisfied customers.

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