Thursday, September 15, 2011

Initial Impressions: The Sole Pack

Your adventures aren’t of a limited variety… so why are you stuck with a traditional pack that in reality is limited in its functionality?  Enter the SolePack™ SP1 Shoe Transport Bag.  A patented backpack accessory dedicated to providing a convenient way to transport an extra pair of kicks.

Developed by Doctors of Physical Therapy, shoe storage on the sides of your backpack frees up that precious space inside your backpack and keeps your grimy shoes away from the clean interior compartments of your pack.
The SolePack’s adjustable straps allow it to fit the backpack you already have. The straps also allow for a snug fit while at the same time easy removal from your pack when needed. The breathable vents provide proper ventilation and keep your sneakers fresh! Each shoe compartment accommodates up to a size13 men's shoe.
SP1’s adjustable strap enables it to be used with a range of packs, from high school backpacks to trail savvy day packs.  And, since it is built with a black 800D nylon shell it will have no problem tackling your our personal quests.
Our right-out-of-the-box initial impressions of the SP1 include:
· Solid construction: The black nylon material appears durable, easy to clean and the black color easily hides dirt; The stitching is strong and able to withstand gumption abuse;
· Size Matters: The pack is big enough to fit a range of shoe sizes from toddlers to your size 13 monsters.
· Adjustability: The straps are durable and provide enough adjustability to accommodate a range of packs.
Innovation is driven by need and necessity.  There’s little doubt that if you’re an athletic multi-tasker you’ve found yourself wishing there was a more convenient way to stash your dogs after a training session, day on the court, or after you slip into your flips after a long day on the trail.  If that’s the case then the SP1 pack might just fit your need. 
Our Gumption Gear Crew will spend the next several weeks using the pack out and about in the real world to see how convenient and functional the pack truly is. And, perhaps along the way our field team will find some new and creative ways to take advantage of the extra space the pack affords.

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