Friday, September 16, 2011

Innate Caravan Travel Cubes: Bringing Harmony to your Travel Discord

Let’s face it, at one point or another we’ve all resolved to live our lives in a more organized fashion.  While you may or may not have lived up to that resolution, the Caravan Travel Cubes from Innate Gear ensure that you’ll be able to maintain a far more organized travel pack.

With the Innate Caravan Travel Cubes you can easily separate your work clothes, fun clothes, superhero costume, or dirty clothes from other things in your bag or pack.  Whether you’re a committed traveler, a gym rat or an outdoor enthusiast looking for a better way to keep your clothes dry or organized, these travel compartments ease the rigors of your adventuring.

The varying sizes of Caravan Travel Cubes allow you to keep your travel necessities from exploding all over the hotel room when you open your suitcase.  Stitch-less weatherproof construction and repurposed fabrics keep clothes protected and daisy fresh, or gives you a plash to stash that wet suit and towel after your morning workout.  

Translucent recycled PU top panel provides solid visibility when digging through a loaded backpack or suitcase.  Exterior RF welded grab handle lets you easily pull the tubes from your pack and carry it to the changing room. 

The feature most appreciated by our Gumption Crew was the ease with which the weather proof PU coated zips closed and opened.  We are all familiar with the welded/weather proof zippers on various jackets and packs that feel as though they are stuck from start to finish.  The engineering geniuses at Innate have given the user a zipper that is smooth, stick free and water tight. 

Ideal for travel in tropical environments or places where inclement weather is a fact of life; the stitch-less construction is vastly superior to conventional sewn “adventure travel” cubes which are not weatherproof. 

Are these travel cubes versatile?  Yes.  Are they durable?  Yes.  Yet there’s another reason to revel in the goodness of the Innate Caravan Travel Cubes.  Innate firmly believes that we can have a positive impact on the planet through the gear we use and how we use it.  As such, the Innate design team has gone above and beyond in using earth friendly materials to create this product. 

All woven fabrics used are re-purposed scrap that were previously going to an industrial incinerator. The carbon footprint reduction is significant: 1 kg of re-purposed fabric results in a carbon footprint savings of roughly 1.8 kg that was used to manufacture the original material. Recycled pu film is used for the window panels; data provided from Innate’s supplier indicates a significant footprint reduction of approximately 30% after transportation. 

LARGE: Fits up to 4 folded dress shirts.
36cm x 24cm x 10cm (14.2” x 9.5” x 4”), 80g (2.82oz)

MEDIUM: Suitable for sport shirts, shorts etc.
25cm x 18cm x 10cm (9.8” x 7” x 4”), 60g (2.12oz)

SMALL: Works well for socks, underwear or a simple cosmetics/wash kit bag.
22cm x 12cm wide x 8cm (8.7” x 4.75” x 3.1”, 40g (1.41oz)

Bottom Line...
Albert Einstein once said, “Out of clutter, find simplicity… From discord find harmony…”  The Innate Tavel Cubes provide a helpful and environmentally savvy way for you to turn your travel pack from chaos into a symphony of synchronization.
Stay organized as you travel to the far corners of the map and save the planet at the same time with the Innate Caravan Travel Cubes.

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