Monday, September 5, 2011

Long Term Durability Review: Scott® MK3 Running Shoe

Just a few years ago, if someone would have said that Scott®, best known for making high performance bikes and appeal, would make an award winning performance running shoe, few if any would have likely believed it.  Yet the
Scott® MK3 is just that shoe.

While shopping for shoes at the local running store in January 2011, the salesperson – knowing my feet and running preferences – suggested I test the MK3s.
While the trend has been towards minimalist or barefoot running shoes, they may not be right for everybody.  Whether because of physical limitations or personal preference, some runners may need more support and cushion than those shoes can provide.

A minimalist shoe, the Scott® MK3 is not.  The MK3 2011 is a stability performance running shoe made for those who prefer and require more structure and cushion in a running shoe.

Weighing in at 11.0 ounces, the shoe is packed with performance-enhancing goodness. Scott® engineered the MK3 shoe with a low profile, and a carbon midfoot structure providing an optimal arch which helps guide the foot efficiently, transferring energy from front to rear.

Excellent shock absorption is created by the heel gel and forefoot rubberized EVA insert. The stable and flexible midsole is ideal for a broad range of running styles and foot types. 

Their Ergologic Fit technology provides support and control where needed and provides flexibility and adjustability in the anatomically correct places. Scott incorporated a full carbon rubber outsole that intended to accelerate the shoe through increased energy return and increased durability.

The MK3s have been exceeding my own personal expectations since I pulled them off the storeroom shelf.  Now, having blazed over 400 miles of both on and off-road running in the MK3, these shoes have proven to be as durable as they are comfortable.  These shoes have marshaled me through trails, 5ks, 10ks, half marathons and a few triathlons, and truth be told, they show no sign of letting up anytime soon. 

Bottom Line:
When you spend big money on a running shoe you expect it to perform, but you also hope that it will last longer than that whole parachute pants fad.  The Scott MK3 delivers exceptionally well on both fronts. 

Light as a racing shoe, but as stable, cushioned and comfortable as a training shoe.  If you’re a runner who, whether through preference or necessity, needs a fast and steady stability shoe, then the Scott® MK3 will provide you with the energy and performance you desire.


  1. I use those shoes! They are good but need better color selection. Yellow and white only - like a bumble bee.

    1. Unfortunately they emit a nasty synthetic chemical smell that has not dissipated after 6 months of ownership. Even gets into my socks.