Monday, October 17, 2011

First Look: Ashmei Ultimate Softshell Jacket - Bring on the Weather

Today’s running apparel market is notably competitive, filled with an array of jackets designed to cover a range of running and weather conditions. Breaking into an already crowded market with a performance soft shell jacket that not only performs well, but also generates enough “buzz” to sell well can prove to be a challenge for even the best of companies.

One company up for the challenge is ashmei.  Based in the United Kingdom, ashmei is a niche performance apparel company aspiring to produce the best high performance running apparel in the world, period. The Ashmei Ultimate Soft Shell Running Jacket refuses to buckle under the weighty expectations of this ambitions goal.

The Ultimate Shoftshell Jacket is designed with the runner and the various climate and mixed terrain conditions in mind utilizing the very best fabrics and materials. These materials are selected or developed based on their ultimate performance to ensure your comfort no matter what Mother Nature throws your way.

The inner layer of the rear panel is constructed using natural MAPP Merino wool. It is linked to an outer layer of high tech performance fabric.

The end result is jacket that feels soft and luxurious against the skin, while being water resistant, wind resistant and breathable, keeping the wearer warm, dry and comfortable during those cold, rainy early morning or late evening runs. And, if you happen to live in a climate that is consistently cold from the fall to the spring, this bad boy offers total sun-block UV protection.

As an added benefit, the materials used in the making of the Ultimate Soft shell jacket are 100% natural, sustainable, renewable and biodegradable with the materials being traceable to the animals it was derived from.

Initial Impressions...
Simply put, our "out of the box" impressions of ashemi’s Ultimate Softshell Jacket are off the chart. From the moment our testers slipped the jacket over their shoulders, they were thoroughly impressed. Highlights include:

Quality: The craftsmanship of this jacket is readily apparent. From the selection of the jacket’s materials, to the meticulously sewn seams and the placement of the air vents and plastic headphone guides appear to be perfect.

Feel: The 100% Merino Wool feels amazing. Luxuriously soft to the touch, while providing the sense that this jacket will hold up to even the harshest of running conditions.

Sizing: Slightly larger than a typical American medium fit, the UK medium size being tested by our field team still affords a quality and stylish fit.

The Bottom Line...
While California's fall weather has thus far only provided a few early mornings truly worthy of this jacket's technical nature, our field team has enjoyed every mile on the pavement and trail in this softshell. Over the coming weeks and months, the Gumption Gear field team will continue to push the limits of the function and performance limits of ashmei’s Ultimate Softshell Jacket and report back. Bring on the weather.

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