Monday, October 24, 2011

SeasonFive Apparel... Thrive In All Seasons

Once we rid ourselves of traditional thinking we can get on with creating the future” – James Bertrand

As an outdoor enthusiast you already know that proper layering is one of the most fundamental concepts in outdoor recreation. This method of dressing allows you to regulate your temperature by peeling-off or putting-on clothing layers -- clothes that together wick moisture, insulate and protect from wind and rain. But what if there was a product that truly protected you from all that Mother Nature throws your way, without compromising your freedom of movement or agility?

Enter SeasonFive, a watersports and outdoors apparel start-up is working to introduce a new way of looking at apparel for the water sports and outdoor enthusiast communities.

Warmer than a rash guard, yet more breathable and flexible than a wetsuit, the cornerstone of the SeasonFive apparel line is the Atmost1.0 proprietary fabric blend. Engineered to block outside elements such as water, wind, UV rays the fabric still allows vapor and heat to be released, keeping you comfortable and protected when Mother Nature gets a little aggressive. Developed with minimal seams and muscle supporting stretch, SeasonFive gear also adds an element of compression technology.

SeasonFive offered the Gumption Gear crew an opportunity to test their new Barrier Shorts and Unisex Leg Sleeves both part of the ultimate layering system for extra support, performance and insulation.

Intended to be used as a stand-alone piece or with SeasonFive leg sleeves for ultimate layering, the waterproof nature of the Barrier Shorts make them the ideal gear for an outing in the kayak or on the paddle board.  For those longing to satisfy their more adventurous side, these are the perfect attire for that Tough Mudder Race you've been itching to run.  

The Barrier Shorts offer the insulation, breathability and water resistance of Atmost1.0. The men’s shorts have a 10 inch inseam and the women's shorts have a four inch inseam measurement- but neither has an actual inseam meaning you can revel in your adventures and never give a second thought to a potential unfriendly rash from skin abrasion.

Hitting the pavement on those early a.m. sessions before the sun crept up over the horizon, our field team took note of the Barrier Shorts two primary benefits.  First, the Barrier Shorts played a significant role in regulating core body temperature, ergo eliminating the need for excessive layering.  And since the fabric is breathable, you never feel like you're stuck suffering in a rubber suit trying to cut weight for your next MMA appearance. 

Second, the shorts - as well as the leg sleeves provide the fit and feel of compression gear helping to keep the muscles supported no matter what your outdoor escapades entail.  Additionally, if you're a trail runner, the sleeves come with the added benefit of protecting your legs from small scratches abrasions and nasty things like poison ivy on the trail.   

Room for Improvement…
When our team received the shorts we were informed that they were designed with wet and sloppy conditions in mind (ie rafting, kayaking, biking).  While the barrier shorts excel in virtually any amphibious adventure and those cool morning runs, using the Barrier Shorts for an afternoon of bombing down fire trails on your Mountain Bike may not be the ideal use. Our field tester, a former professional cyclist, noted that the two seams running along the inside of the hip flexor could leave the serious rider with potential saddle sores after a three hour ride. 

When it comes to the Unisex Leg Sleeves the biggest grievance offered by our field team was the difficulty in removing them quickly.  Admittedly, our female field guru liked the idea of having stand alone sleeves for the calves - she even enjoyed the compression feel.  However, after using the sleeves on training runs, she denoted her preference for either one piece leggings or the stand alone shorts rather than using the shorts and sleeves together.

The Bottom Line...
SeasonFive has boldly stepped out of the traditional apparel paradigm to bring the outdoor enthusiast a product line-up designed to help you perform in any condition with greater comfort and protection from the elements.  If you're amphibious by nature, or simply looking for a more effective way to eliminate excessive layering without compromising on performance, then SeasonFive has got you covered!

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