Wednesday, October 12, 2011

SolePack™ SP1: Designed With A Purpose

In a refreshing contrast to today’s do-all, be-all products, the crew at SolePack™ has designed its SP1 shoe transport bag to do one thing and one thing only: transport your extra pair of kicks. Unlike many products in today’s marketplace promising to be all things to all people, this pack does exactly what it is intended to do, no more and no less.

Although the SP1 can’t wash, dry or shine your shoes during transport, it does provide a highly-adjustable bag with shoe compartments large enough to accommodate a range of shoe type – from sneakers to dress shoes – all the way up to a size 13.

Our Gumption Gear testers used the SP1 to transport a variety of shoes with ease - golf shoes to the driving range, cycling shoes to triathlons, dress shoes to work and baby shoes to grandma’s house. Not only does the SolePack™ provide a convenient way to separate your funkified post- workout shoes from the rest of your gear, the breathable vents provide enough ventilation to help dry out the compartment and help cut down on the funk factor.

Adjustable nylon straps ensure the SP1 can be used with a range of bag-types while keeping it snugly attached like momma Koala and her joey. The Gumption crew affixed the SP1 to gym bags, a small child’s suitcase, backpacks of various sizes and a golf bag. The SP1’s adjustability made for a remarkably agile and adaptable bag.

The adaptability of the SP1 is undeniable. Yet, that very nature of its design means that the Solepack may hinder quick access to the items inside your primary pack. Depending on the type of bag used and the placement of the SP1 on your bag, the straps used to hold the SP1 in place can also interfere with the zipper system on some bag and packs. As such users of the SP1 may consider placing items that require quick access in a compartment that is not encumbered or otherwise blocked by the SP1.

Bottom Line...
It has been said, "do one thing and do it well"...  towards those ends the SolePack™ SP1 Shoe Transport Bag excels at it's singular purpose: transporting your extra pair of kicks, securely and conveniently. If you’re an athletic multi-tasker who’s been looking for a better way to transport your extra shoes then look no further than the SolePack.

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